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Waterproof LED Grille Screen 1R1PG1B Luminous Spot Color Combination High Brightness

  • Detailed Product Description
    Physical Point Spacing(mm: P16 Physical Density (dots / M: 3906
    Luminous Spot Color Combination: 1R1PG1B Module Resolution: 64x48
    Size(mm): 256×128 Module Size(mm): 1024x768
    Number Of Module Pixels (point / Module): 3072 Module Weight(kg/m): 75
LED grille screen
Detailed instructions


1, the new mask design, so that the light emitted by the LED almost zero reflection to ensure that the display screen effect.

2, the unit module of the box design using a high temperature spray technology, greatly improve the anti-rust function.

3, the module installation surface smoothness control in the plus or minus 0.2mm, the whole flatness is good.

4, the display color uniformity high.

5, the back of the circuit board all three anti-treatment, to prevent the line of wet, oxidation, improve the service life.

6, screen body switching power supply efficiency greatly improved, reducing power failure rate;

7, the front of the module using high-quality potting seal, the back of a waterproof apron, improve the waterproof performance of the display.

8, with IP65 above the high-performance waterproof, dustproof capacity; high brightness, all-weather display, to adapt to a variety of outdoor harsh environment.


Module parameters
Physical point spacing(mm) 16
Physical density (dots / m) 3906
Luminous spot color combination 1R1PG1B
Module resolution 8×16
size(mm) 256×128
Module resolution 64x48
Module size(mm) 1024x768
Number of module pixels (point / module) 3072
Module weight(kg/m) 75
Technical Parameters
Best sight(m) 15~300
Lamp and horizontal view 3 oval110
Vertical viewing angle ≥50
Screen thickness ≤ Module thickness 15cm + Maintenance thickness 70cm /Module thickness 30cm + Maintenance thickness 70cm
Average power consumption(W/m) 500~1000
Maximum power consumption(W/m) ≤1200
Graphics card DVI Video card
Control method Synchronous control
Drive device Constant current
Drive mode Static
Change frame frequency(Hz) ≥60
refresh rate(Hz) ≥300
Grayscale / color Can display 16.7M color
White balance brightness(cd/m) ≥7000
Storage ambient temperature -40℃~+80℃
Working temperature -20℃~+60℃
Operating Voltage(V) AC 220V±15% / AC 110V±15%
Brightness adjustment mode Software 16 level adjustment (synchronization system) / software 8 level adjustment (asynchronous system)
Computer operating system WINXP,WIN2000,WIN98 and so on
Video signal RF, S-Video, RGB, RGBHV, YUV, YC, COMPOSITION (Synchronization System) / None (Asynchronous System)
Control System PCTC card (optional) + DVI graphics card + main control card + fiber transmission (optional)
Mean time between fail

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Waterproof LED Grille Screen 1R1PG1B Luminous Spot Color Combination High Brightness

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