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Why do more and more people choose LED display, like display?

Author:HERO Time:2020-04-24

Led Display Performance In the Stage
With the rapid development of the social and cultural industries and the continuous improvement of people's aesthetics and viewing levels, the single form of stage design and stage effects can no longer meet people's needs. Based on this pattern of progress, many new technologies, new materials, and new ideas have gradually become elements of modern digital stage design. The stage leasing led display has been increasingly favored by the stage for its brilliant colors, extensions and supplements for stage performances, and rich performances. The modern society led display is a perfect combination of technology and media, it will show the perfect presentation of the show out, first became a new force.

Compared with the traditional stage lights in the past, the performance of the led display in the stage is vivid and powerful. It not only simulates the real scene, reproduces the nature, but also displays the effect image. It has the incomparable flexibility of the traditional scenery, and has the light source characteristics of the lighting system. The amount of information that users can obtain from the images is much larger than the information displayed by traditional stage lighting. The virtual picture it creates is the perfect combination of light and shadow.

We all know that stage Rental LED displays are used for stage performances and television evenings, so they often involve live broadcasting and shooting. If the design and material selection are unreasonable, it will lead to the common ripple phenomenon that we often say. Once this problem plagued many led display manufacturers, many led display manufacturers to solve this problem, also put forward many solutions. The display with high-definition high-order PWM driver ICs such as Hernor has solved this problem for the majority of users.

In the past ten or twenty years, LED display devices have provided a large space and cohesion for the stage, which is an important reason why LED products are loved by users. With the improvement of the brightness and dot pitch performance of led display screens, led display screens Has become the core mode of LED technology applied to stage engineering. The application of LED screens in outdoor large-scale venues and indoor close-range viewing venues has achieved major breakthroughs. In the development of the entertainment market, led display screens are not confined to projects such as stage parties, but have begun to open up more new entertainment territories. . Different application scenarios and different application methods can bring new changes to the LED stage rental screen. The led display is also slowly appearing in modern weddings. The use of led display screens at weddings not only makes a wedding awkward and warm, but also makes weddings even more sophisticated.

Now the market for LED rental screens has become more mature. With the maturity and cost reduction of small-pitch technologies, and for small-pitch leases, industry sources reveal that at any event site, the minimum line-of-sight distance will be 3 to 5 meters. Therefore, the future development direction of LED rental screen should be in two aspects: home appliance operation and convenient maintenance. Home appliance operation will also be a key part of LED rental screen applications. Anyone should be able to operate, do not need to ask professional and technical personnel; convenient maintenance, damaged in any one place, can be freely replaced, is the inevitable direction of technological development. Only such highly intelligent and convenient products will be widely enjoyed by the public.

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