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The application of subway LED display

Author:Mega -HERO Time:2020-04-24

The application of subway LED display

With the development of urban traffic information, subway transportation is more and more convenient, people's daily life is unconsciously attracted by subway advertisements. Subway LED display is becoming very polular. When people take the subway, the most easy to see is the subway advertisement. On the left and right sides of the corridor or in the surrounding area of the subway, its main forms are twelve light boxes, four channel posters, special light boxes, escalators, posters in the car and LED advertising screens in the tunnel area. LED display as modern The traffic-specific advertising carrier takes advantage of the concentration of subways and the high degree of attention, increasing the awareness of the brand, allowing it to retain the fast-paced urban people who are rushing to watch.

As we all know, the location of the subway station is quite special, the space structure is peculiar, the environment is dark, and the requirements for display equipment are relatively high. If the advertising light is too bright, the impact of attracting passengers will be greater. Therefore, it is necessary to bring visual enjoyment to people in such an environment, and to consider the hidden dangers of the over-exposed light, it is necessary to choose the correct display solution.

The application of subway LED display

1. The subway LED display is installed in multiple places such as subway passages and workshop tunnel walls. It is used to display the train running range, running direction and current station name, and is compatible with Chinese and English.

2. The subway LED display can display other service information according to the operation needs. The text display can select various effects such as still, scroll, pan, waterfall, animation and so on.

3, the subway LED display position is excellent, the flow of people is high, coupled with high-definition picture quality, wide viewing angle, attracting many passengers' eyeballs, which has played a good advertising communication effect for brand promotion, and is an important way to obtain advertising revenue. .

The LED display in the subway station is colorful and vivid, not only used to publish information such as public welfare propaganda, tourism propaganda and advertising video, but also makes the form of communication and distribution more diversified, because the LED display is not only formed in the subway station. The unique mutual response advertising position, more importantly, the golden position of super high traffic volume brings customers the advertising to maximize the benefits, and the whole led big screen color is bright, the picture is smooth, magnificent, let people see forget.

Whether it is advertising or information broadcasting, as the professional supplier of LED display, the LED display can show the fun to the subway station, beautiful and moving, showing the most beautiful and realistic pictures in people's In front of us, a warm experience can also deepen people's impression of the subway and drive the economic development of subway transportation. Of course, Ming Ming will continue to break through the old thinking in the LCD splicing screen technology, and keep abreast of the times, let people really feel the subway traffic and the information age go hand in hand, let the subway station bloom the city's glory!

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