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New changes and future trends of LED display power supply

Author:Mega -HERO Time:2020-04-24

New changes and future trends of LED display power supply

The power supply is an integral part of the normal operation of the LED display. Its reliability also determines the reliability of the display. With the development trend of the LED display with a fine pitch, what new changes in the LED display power supply? What are the main challenges in the development of LED display power? What is its development direction?

As a well-known LED power company, Chuanglian Power has a good brand image and product quality reputation in the LED display industry. By understanding Chuanglian, we can increase our understanding of the industry. At the same time, through Tang’s views, it also helps us better understand the current status and future trends of LED display power supply.

LED screen display world: power supply as the "heart" of LED display, in order to ensure the stable operation of the display, its reliability requirements are very high, how does your company ensure the stability and reliability of the power supply? What are the main products?

Mr. Tang: In the past 19 years since Chuangxin Power was founded, it always adhered to the principle of “customer-centric, quality-oriented”. After many years of operation, there have been no batch quality problems. This is inseparably linked to the following points of Chong Lian.

a) Raw material selection control. All the key devices use domestic and foreign first-line brands and key components to inspect all automatic control to ensure the high reliability of batches of incoming materials, unqualified batches are included in the key monitoring suppliers more than once, more than two eliminations are eliminated, and each year is not Less than one critical supplier audit.

b) Process Process Control. Extensive use of automation equipment, continuous improvement and optimization of product quality, such as automatic plug-in machine, automatic STM placement machine, automatic wave soldering, automatic high voltage tester, full electronic load high temperature aging chamber, CHROMA power automatic test system, AOI Solder joint test system, ROHS tester, etc.

c) Production process control. It owns 16 automatic production lines, 5 ROHS production lines, 6 AI automatic plug-in production lines, and 7 SMT patch production lines. Nissan has more than 30,000 units of production capacity.

d) Product verification control. With perfect product verification methods, the industry first built an EMC laboratory, a dynamic load analyzer, a simulation load generator, a decibel test lab, an accelerated life aging laboratory, and a large number of lighting, industrial control, and display application scenarios.

Chuanglian Power specializes in R&D, manufacturing and sales of LED display power supplies, landscape lighting power supplies, LED waterproof drive power supplies, and industrial control power supplies. Products cover more than 2,000 specifications, is China's famous brand power supply manufacturers. After years of development, Chuanglian has grown into an industry benchmarking company with an annual output of more than 10 million sets of power supplies.

LED screen display world: LED display has entered the era of "small spacing", what do you think this impacts on the development of power supply? What are the major stages in the development of LED display power?

General Manager Tang: Small-pitch products will be the trend of the times. In particular, the COB packaging technology is hot, which intensifies the development and popularization of small-pitch technologies. It is expected that in the next two to three years, the small gap will usher in explosive growth. What followed was the evolution of power products.

Ultra-thinning, lightening, customization, separation of AC and DC, and intelligence will be the direction of the development of a small-pitch power supply. Chuanglian has also invested a great deal of manpower and material resources in this regard, and is fully committed to the upcoming small gap market explosion. ready.

L E D screen world: With the development of C O B , Mini LED and Micro LED technologies, what do you think will impact the L E D display industry? What are the challenges to display power?

Mr. Tang: With the continuous emergence of various advanced packaging technologies, the traditional packaging industry will face enormous challenges in the future. If it is not transformed as soon as possible, there may be risks of enterprise shutdown. Personally think that the original packaging work completed by the display manufacturers, with the improvement of the packaging process, may be directly packaged directly by the lamp beads manufacturers, PCB manufacturers or IC manufacturers, the majority of the original display manufacturers will become the contractor, only Participate in the display project. Evergrande will become more prominent in the industry.

Traditional power supply manufacturers are also facing risks. The technology trends of ultra-thinning, lighter and smaller, customization, AC-DC separation and intelligentization will be fatal for power supply manufacturers without technical reserves. Because these technological breakthroughs will face multiple problems such as supply chain, production process, and research and innovation, under the multiple pressures, many display power companies may have difficulty.

LED screen display world: LED display power supply process materials, to a large extent determines the power supply life, the current power supply manufacturing material development trend?

General Tang: The main factors that determine the life of the display power supply are electrolytic capacitors, ICs, MOS transistors, and transformers. As the national team's environmental protection inspections become more and more strict, suppliers of key components will become increasingly concentrated, and the advantages of procurement for large-scale manufacturers will become increasingly apparent. As far as the current situation is concerned, there will not be any major changes in the critical power source electrical performance materials. Changes in larger areas may occur in MOS transistors and IC chips, because the intelligent power supply will be the focus of development in the coming years.

L E D screen display world: For L E D display users, energy saving and environmental protection is a very important indicator. What do you think power companies can do in this area? L E D display power supply how to better achieve energy saving and environmental protection?

Tang General: In the application of LED display products, the power supply is a very critical device, and the production of more environmentally friendly and energy-saving power supplies, energy saving and environmental protection is the goal that every power company is pursuing. The energy saving and environmental protection of the power supply focuses on breakthroughs in the following areas: environmental protection production lines, environmentally friendly solder paste, environmentally friendly tin furnaces, low voltage, and PFC circuits. From the current point of view, the control of the production process is relatively easy, but most display manufacturers based on cost control and maintain market competitive advantages, the power supply has chosen not to use products with PFC circuit, which virtually will form a loop interference on the power grid, The entire power grid is bad, but the better phenomenon is that it is now displayed

Screen manufacturers are no longer blindly pursuing brightness and are more concerned with energy saving and environmental protection. Currently, large display manufacturers generally adopt power supply solutions of 4.2V, 4V, 3.8V or even 3.3V, which is a very good energy saving solution in itself.

LED screen display world: Since last year, many raw materials are increasing prices, which will give us L E D display power companies what impact? What are the main problems facing the current development of display power?

Tang Zong: Since last year, raw materials have experienced several price increases, which have brought a lot of pressure to the display power supply manufacturers. In addition, the profits of their own display power supply have been thin. After experiencing this wave of price increases, the cost pressure of display power supply manufacturers will Increasingly large, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, this pressure will become more apparent. But on the whole development of the industry, once this price increase is sustained, the overall industry will be more benign, the vicious price competition will become relatively flat, and the entire industry will develop toward a more benign pace.

The development of the overall display power supply, especially the small-pitch power supply products, is mainly confronted with problems such as differentiated stocking, popularization of PFC power supply, and improvement of the production process.

LED screen display world: As a well-known power brand enterprise, Chuanglian power quality and sales have always been ahead of the industry, can you briefly introduce the development of Chuanglian? What is the core competitiveness of Chuanglian?

Tang Zeng: Chuanglian was founded in 2000 and after three changes, it eventually formed its own independent industrial park with a building area of more than 22,000m2. By 2017, the sales volume had approached 500 million yuan, and the market share of display power was the first in the country. At present, three brands have been formed: "Chuanglian", "Hart" and "Chuangjin."

Chuanglian has been able to maintain steady development. I think the most important thing is brand, quality, and service. Technology must be constantly improving and innovating, but whether it can be popularized or truly popularized depends on whether the market accepts it or not. Chuanglian has been pursuing a layered innovation concept, which means that flagship products account for the market and innovation products contribute profits. For the product launch, it must be verified and improved repeatedly, even at the expense of abandoning market share in the short term, until the product matures and stabilizes and then pushes it to the market. No matter what time of development, quality first is always the foundation of Chuanglian, insisting that immature products do not flow into the market and use craftsman spirit to forge high-quality products.

New changes and future trends of LED display power supply

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