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4K LED display is Coming

Author:Mega -HERO Time:2020-04-24

4K LED display is Coming
In general, the update and improvement of LED display product technology can stimulate the market's increase to a certain extent. At the same time, the terminal market's demand for products with more outstanding display effects has led to the advancement and improvement of LED display industry technology. Especially as a resolution of the market to determine one of the major factors in the display of product grades, this has also become the driving force for the continued popularity of display products such as 4K LED display in recent years.

Currently, from an industry point of view, the resolution of indoor LED displays can reach 4K or even over 4K, and no matter whether it is from the level of technical stability or the effect of market applications, the indoor 4K LED display has basically developed and matured. In the market, the 4K LED display is still in the "just-emerged" stage. However, the outdoor market, especially in the current booming outdoor advertising market, has imposed higher requirements on the resolution of the carrier in various aspects. The outdoor advertising LED screen is ushering in the 4K era...

Outdoor 4K LED display brings more detailed display details, more realistic texture and smoother smoothness, so that the advertising content finds a better way to present, while 4K large LEd screen in addition to improving the resolution, but also pulled from the shooting The series of revolutions in the display and other related fields, especially the convergence of 3D, VR/AR and other technologies and LED large screens, has brought about an impact on the audience's all-dimensional sense of reality and even the ability to carry interactive technologies. People interact with the screen, allowing the audience to feel more stunning picture effects, perfect for advertisers to attract more customers.

Believe that in the future outdoor advertising market, 4K LED display products and related solutions will surely blossom everywhere, and the advent of outdoor advertising 4K era will also bring more opportunities for LED display companies, and of course also bring more challenge.

First of all, at present, the industry's outdoor 4K LED display is still in the stage of getting married whether it is technology or products. Most screen companies are still lacking strength in this area. At the same time, in the outdoor field, besides demanding 4K, they have mastered mature 3D, 4K, VR, etc. Technology and its related applications are also crucial. As the so-called "opportunity is for people who are prepared," the outdoor advertising 4K LED display this piece of cake in the market, and only the companies with relevant technologies have the qualification and strength to "enjoy".

Secondly, the outdoor 4K LED display, in addition to requiring a LED screen with a corresponding resolution, also requires corresponding supporting facilities to keep up with, such as 4K LED video processors, related software facilities, maintenance, and even customized solutions. And so on, all have to progress equally. These are all part of the challenge for the industry.

Technological progress and innovation have injected tremendous vitality into the development of the domestic LED display industry. The advent of the outdoor 4K era once again provided a new opportunity for domestic screen companies to “lead the market with technology flow,” and at the same time as small-pitch LEDs are used outdoors. The use of the market, I believe that outdoor ultra-high-definition 4K, even beyond 4K will be more worth the wait!

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