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LED Video Processor Helps LED display

Author:Mega -HERO Time:2020-04-24

LED Video Processor Helps LED display Thrive

The development of LED display has been more than thirty years since its development. As an important carrier for transmitting information, the image display effect presented has always been the focus of attention of all terminal users. With the continuous expansion of the LED display market and continuous upgrading of technology, many peripheral devices for  LED displays have also emerged. The LED display video processor is a witness and key device for the birth, growth and maturity of LED displays. Its high-quality image processing function plays a vital role in the perfect display of the led display screen, and always helps the LED display industry to flourish.

LED Video Processor Helps LED display Thrive

Display channels diversify visual effects

The LED display video processor is a LED display-specific video processor. It processes the five steps of resolution conversion, color space conversion, bit depth enhancement, scaling, image processing, and enhancement technology. The image signals of channels such as DVDs, computers, and high-definition broadcast boxes are converted into signals that can be accepted by LED display screens. Before the LED display screen video processor was born, the LED display screen can only accept DVI desktop computer signals and play the contents of the computer. If the video capture card is used to convert other signals, it is interfered by external interference and the signal itself is lost during transmission. The effect of the display does not reach the best. The advent of LED display video processors has not only realized the simultaneous reception and processing of a variety of different video graphics signals displayed on LED display screens, but also increased the variety of playback contents, which has greatly improved the visual effects of the images.

Gradually mature technology to help improve the development of LED display

With the continuous innovation of LED display applications, different scenarios have different requirements for LED displays. At the same time, they also bring more severe technical challenges to the LED display industry. For example, when LED displays are used outdoors, due to geographical weather, etc. The influence of factors requires the LED display to display a higher quality image, and the LED display video processor has an advanced image scaling processing algorithm, which not only ensures that the video image is scaled, but also the maximum degree of image clarity and grayscale Levels, but also has a wealth of image adjustment options and adjustment effects, the image brightness, contrast, grayscale processing, enough to ensure that the LED display in the outdoors can output a soft and clear picture. In addition, the LED display video processor uses its own ultra-high-definition graphics hardware-wide high-speed processing, a variety of pre-existing mode a key to call, the pattern calls seamless effects and other leading technical features, so that LED display rental performance, exhibitions, television Large-scale LED display applications, such as studios, stage theaters, and conferences, can also be performed with ease.

LED display technology continues to advance, and LED display video processors are gradually maturing in the process. Today, LED display video processors can use advanced algorithms to modify poorly-quality signals and perform a series of processes such as de-interlacing, edge sharpening, and motion compensation to achieve seamless image switching, fade-in and fade-out switching, and output of images. Excellent picture quality, smooth playback, no misalignment and delay. LED display screen with the help of LED display video processor, to bring better visual experience for end users, enhance the LED display product reputation, and further expand the terminal market demand for LED display market.

Small pitch LED display will bring opportunities and challenges

The small-pitch LED display has rapidly penetrated into more fields in the past two years due to its advantages in display effects and other aspects, showing a rapid development trend. With the development of 4K/8K ultra-high-definition industry chain to bring a large number of high-quality image signals, the market's demand for LED display video processors has also increased, and how to make small-pitch LED display perfect display of these resources, to LED display Screen video processor brings many challenges. Small-pitch LED display as a high-resolution display screen, in terms of technology, not only requires the LED video processing equipment to have high-resolution video output, but also requires high-resolution video input, so that the image is displayed without loss. . Nowadays, many manufacturers have begun to introduce LED display video controllers for small-pitch products, which will also be the development trend of LED display video processor industry.

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